Be Present: Embracing Mindfulness During Times of Transition.

5 Habits to Help You Embrace Mindfulness

If you’re going through changes in your personal or professional life, or if you’re like me and the future is one big question mark, mindfulness can be a way of cutting through the clutter and enjoying each moment as it comes to you. But if you haven’t practiced mindfulness before you may not know where you should start. Hint: it isn’t all about meditation.

Here are five ways to be practice mindfulness and live fully during times of transition.

1. Do Nothing

I know, this is a post about busy, transitional periods in our lives, but bear with me. It is super important to devote time to sitting in peace and focus on ourselves especially during the times we are most busy. Schedule breaks in your day and don’t think of it as a waste of time—your body and mind will be grateful.


2. Notice Happiness

We are surrounded by little moments of happiness every day. Actively observe your surroundings and take note of the things that make you happy. Focusing your attention on these things will help you be present and reduce stress and anxiety.

3. Express Gratitude

Start with “thank you.” Recognize the people in your life for whom you are grateful. Actively expressing gratitude makes us more mindful of the good things in our life and connected to those around us. Oh, and a small thank you is enough to make someone’s day.


4. Cultivate Your Interests

Make some time every week (or every day) for your hobbies. Focusing on developing a skill outside of work or school is incredibly rewarding and fuels presence. So spend some time brushing up on a new language, playing an instrument, woodworking, or whatever you like to do.

5. Be Kind

Doing nice things for people makes them feel good and can fill you up with joy. Practice random acts of kindness, get involved in local service projects, and remember to also be kind to yourself. Kindness is powerful.



Share how you embrace mindfulness: #itsaNESSthing



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  1. Denise says:

    Really good. I will try all of these tips!


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