Midterm Survival Guide


Midterms are coming. You can see Spring Break in the distance, but a myriad of group projects, presentations, and exams are in the way. Here are some tips to get through it all in once peice!

Step 1. Plan Ahead

College students are pros at procrastination. One minute it’s syllabus week, the next thing you know it’s the night before your first exam and you haven’t opened the textbook yet. Get ahead of your work by putting important dates in your calendar and committing to a study plan, a little bit each day, so you’re not overwhelmed in the days leading up to the exam. It may sound like a lot now, but your sanity will thank you later.


Step 2. Find a Good Study Playlist

To keep the stress levels at a minimum and the productivity at a high, a good playlist is crucial. Here are some acoustic tunes to get you in the right mindset to get going.

ps. if you’re craving more music, this playlist gets updated regularly woohoo

Step 3. Find a Study Buddy

You’re more likely to do your work if there’s someone there to hold you accountable. Recruit a friend and/or classmate for field trips to a local coffee shop or even the library to get shi*t done. They can give you tips on different ways to study and make even the most boring tasks a little more bearable. Plus, when you both ace your exams, you’ll have someone you celebrate with!


Step 4. Treat. Yo. Self

Tom and Donna know what’s up. Studying can be overwhelming, so take a break every once in a while to remember that there’s more to life than cramming for midterms. Have some junk food. Take a nap. Get some fresh air. Do a little of whatever makes you happy in between study sessions.


Be well. Be great. You got this! #itsaNESSthing



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