Class Review: Tabata

For the past few weeks, I’ve been trying different forms of training in order to get my fitness level back to what it was in high school (#tbt). I’ve always been that annoying person at the gym who tries to do more reps or go faster than the person next to me. This is exactly what I did when I went with a friend for the first time to a Tabata class.

Tabata is a high-interval training method that will definitely make every muscle in your body work. Each round lasts for 4 minutes, with 20 seconds of high intensity training, 10 seconds of rest time, and 8 rounds of exercise. Between each 4 minute round we had 1 minute to recover.

I took this class at Equinox, and instantly loved it. After each round I was motivated to do more and finish each round with as many reps as I could complete. I have already taken a few classes and each has been different.Depending on the class, you can use different equipment or use your own weight. The first one we had no equipment, and did sit ups, planks, side planks, and my ultimate favorite burpees (not), amongst others. The next class we used weights- to say that my arms wanted to fall off is an understatement. Here’s a little preview of the stages of Tabata.

First exercise of the round: Motivation level 1,000,000

NESS GIF workout

Halfway through the round


Last 20 seconds of the round

tired gif


Even though you will discover muscles in places you didn’t have before the next morning due to the pain, you will feel extremely accomplished. So next time you see a class that has this type of training, go for it, and be surprised of your progress and how you’re one step closer to reaching your goals! #itsaNESSthing



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