Five Perks of Early Morning Running



With internships and classes it can be nearly impossible to find an hour to devote to fitness. Between classes twice a week and an internship 3 days a week, I had to devise a plan to fit running into my schedule so I am (somewhat) prepared for the San Diego Half Marathon I am running in March. This is where morning running comes in. Although a 6am alarm sounds daunting and dreadful, it may be the best decision I have made this semester. The first time may be the toughest, but trust me it is worth it. Here are five perks of morning running:

  1. No excuses. You get it out of the way. This means when 5:00pm rolls around and you’re on your way home from work you can’t make any excuses because you already worked out. It’s over and now you can relax and focus on dinner and your evening plans.
  2. Energy. Nothing gets you energized or ready to start the day like a morning work out. Think of it as a free large coffee. Your morning at work or school will be completely changed since you’ll be much more focused and productive after getting your blood pumping in the early morning hours.
  3. The sunrise. Love looking at beautiful sunrise photos on Instagram? Well you really won’t truly understand the beauty of a sunrise until you see one (or many) in real life. This experience alone makes an early morning run worth it. Even better, they change throughout your run. From pink to orange to purple they truly make getting out of bed early worth it. But beware; they have the power to take your breath away, which may create problems on a run.
  4. Peace and quiet. There’s nothing worse than the constant fear of getting hit by a car on a run during the evening rush hour or getting stopped at a crosswalk in the middle of a run. Run in the morning and you will immediately notice a difference in traffic. The only obstacle you’ll have is deciding what music to listen to.
  5. Community. Although you may head out on your run alone you will not be alone for long. Whether you run the same route everyday or mix it up, you will, without a doubt, run into other runners. Even though you may not know any of these fellow runners, they represent the dedicated running community. You all have something in common: a passion for morning running.

So the next time you find yourself struggling to find time for a run in your busy life, consider making a change by going to bed earlier and trying a morning workout. Before you know it you will have no trouble getting out of bed since you will be so excited to take that #sunrise photo.










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