Clear and Calm Mind: Headspace


I’ve always been a firm believer in the idea that sometimes you have to take some time for yourself. We tend to get caught up in work, school, relationships, whatever it may be, and forget to take care of ourselves. The best way to take some time for us is to do a little bit of nothing.

I recently stumbled upon Headspace, an app that helps you do just that. For ten minutes a day, Headspace guides you through a simple meditation to help you get better in tune with your body and mind. When you download the app, you start off with a ‘Take 10,’ a guided introduction to both meditation and mindfulness. It’s 10 minutes a day for 10 days, teaching you how to get closer to a clearer and calmer mind. Once you complete your Take 10, you’re ready to tackle the world of meditation. Whatever you’re looking to get out of from meditation, Headspace has you covered. Options include health (depression, self-esteem, stress, anxiety, etc.), relationships (generosity, change, appreciation, acceptance), and performance (creativity, focus, happiness, balance). They even have one-off options to help with various issues such tackling a of fear of flying, helping you get a better nights sleep, or saving you from having a mini meltdown.

I downloaded and decided to take part in the Take 10 to see if it really did help “treat my head right,” as the app advertises. I’ve been using Headspace right when I wake up in the morning, and I’ve already started to notice a difference in how my every day routine has changed. I’ve become more aware of what exactly is causing stress in my days and I’ve been more productive in terms of reducing that stress. It’s only been a few days with Headspace, but I’m looking forward to rest of my 10 days as well as exploring the other options the app has to offer.

If you’re looking for tips or have some advice on how to keep a clear and calm mind, leave them in the comments below! #itsaNESSthing



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  1. Ali says:

    Thank you for posting this!! I’ve heard such great things about Headspace and meditation in general (my blog co-author actually wrote a post on how much she loves it) but have yet to implement it in my own life. I think I get intimidated in terms of how to start, so this kind of guided mindfulness seems like a really good way to get going. I’d love to hear a followup in a few weeks and see if it’s still really working for you!


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