Green Juice & Staying Sane: A Juice Cleanse Review

Juice is no longer just juice. It’s a verb. A status symbol. Hell, for some it’s a lifestyle (cc: Gwyneth Paltrow, Selma Hayek).  Cleansing’s modern day rise to popularity can be credited to the Master Cleanse—10 days full of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and maple syrup.  Endorsed by celebrities including at one point the queen herself (Beyoncé), this super strict cleanse diet was the first step in the cleanse culture becoming mainstream.

As an uber type-A person, this kind of self imposed test of resolve appeals to me. This wasn’t my first time trying out a cleanse, I completed the Goûter 4-day cleanse last year after seeing more and more pop up on my Instagram feed and spotting a killer deal on Gilt City. Still, this time around I was more than a little nervous to begin cleansing.  I remembered how difficult I found it the first time, and saying goodbye food, let alone coffee, for three days was not going to be easy.


With a refrigerator full of tonics (*Goûter makes tonics, which are slightly different than juices), I bid adieu to solid food with a 3am jumbo slice and there was no turning back.  Here are some of the highlights:

Day 1:

9:05am – Wake up and realize I am not at all ready for this. Maybe if I just fall back asleep I can pretend this isn’t happening.

9:57am – Ok I have to get up now. But I can start tomorrow right? It’s Sunday.

Walk over and check the expiration date and realize I have to start today or they’ll go bad before I finish.

Note: Goûter typically gives you a few days from delivery to begin your cleanse but I waited until the last moment.

10:15am – Get a text from a friend asking if I wanted to brunch (it’s GW so ‘brunch’ is an acceptable verb). Politely decline and finish my first tonic, Awake, and hey it tasted really good. I can do this!

2:50pm – 3 down, 3 to go. This isn’t so bad. I panicked over nothing. I can do ANYTHING! (In hindsight, the juice cleanse brain hit me early on)

image1 (2)

8:30pm – My last one! And it’s a Melk! Jackpot! My Goûter cleanse came with one Vanilla Melk a day, made of cold-pressed almonds, dates, coconut oil, and vanilla – essentially a decedent dessert after a day of cold-pressed super foods and cayenne pepper.

9:02pm – Might as well go to bed I guess.

Day 2:

6:42 – Wake up absolutely exhausted. Isn’t the energy supposed to kick in day 2?

11:10am – Roll into my first class, Detox tonic in tow. My classmate, intrigued by the grass-green concoction asks if he can see it, informing me “There’s a bit of a smell to it.”

5:00pm – Get out of my third and final class of the day. I was unable to keep my tonics cold while in class so I’ve only had two at this point and am HUNGRY.

image1 (1)

6:00pm – Down two tonics in an hour and feel much better and more energized.

7:00pm – Start to feel antsy from lack of working out while on cleanse and need a study break so go for a walk.

8:15pm – Get back to my apartment beat from a super short walk and decide to take a short nap.

Day 3:

7:00am – Wake up from my “nap”

9:02am – Arrive at work and stick my lunchbox full of tonics in the fridge.

11:29am – “What is that? Cement?” my coworker asks, genuinely concerned, as I sip my Matcha Melk.

1:00pm – Jump into my weekly 1:1 with my manager. Day three juice cleanse brain is hitting me pretty hard and its hard to focus.

3:30pm – My body feels awesome, but my mind feels like I’ve just gotten off a red-eye.  Try to power through my work for the day so I can go home and veg out.

8:00pm – Finish my last and final tonic and pour myself a celebratory glass of wine; it’s all about balance right?



There’s a lot of debate over the merits of cleansing, but here’s my take after completing my second cleanse. Cleansing can make you feel more physically energized and refocused on the way you are treating your body. While I genuinely enjoyed my Goûter cleanse, I did feel that I lacked the mental stamina to make it through a long day of work or school. I likely will try cleansing again at some point, but for now I’m sticking to incorporating tonics and juices into my normal diet.

If you’re considering a juice cleanse here are my tips – 

1. Go Local

The big brands are great, but check to see if there are any local juiceries near you. If you’re in the DMV area, I highly recommend Goûter.

2. Be Kind to Yourself

Cleansing is hard. Do you and make sure to enjoy the process

3. Listen to Your Body

Pay attention to your body and don’t get discouraged. Supplement your cleanse with fruits, veggies, or anything else you think you need.

– Alicia

Have you ever tried a juice cleanse? Let us know what you thought! #itsaNESSthing


One Comment Add yours

  1. dori says:

    I’ve done it – and I think it did great as far as resetting my taste buds. I’m not sure how long I’ve gone now, maybe two weeks?

    Towards the end, my biggest problem was low blood pressure, so I stopped. I know I tend to have low sodium, and really if you’re not adding any salt to the juices or getting electrolytes from some other source, it could get dangerous.


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