Let It Go

Disclaimer: this post has absolutely nothing to do with the movie Frozen. I actually haven’t even seen the movie. I prefer the more classic Disney princesses. But that’s neither here nor there. The song “Let It Go” has been haunting me ever since the movie came out. I know most people disagree, but I find it incredibly annoying. Anyway, the title of the song carries an important message. Maybe the song does too, but I’m always too irritated by it to listen to the lyrics.

So often, people get annoyed by every little thing (like I do with the song). And when each small thing gets to you, it adds up to a lot of unnecessary stress. So that’s why it’s important to take some of this advice and let it go.
stressed out
Here are 3 steps to help make sure you don’t let the little things get to you:
1. Take a deep breath. When you stop and take a moment to breathe, you’ll start to calm yourself down right away. The more calm you are, the better you will be able to handle the situation.
take a deep breath
2. Think about the affect whatever you’re annoyed by has on your life. Does this really have a huge impact on you life? The answer is probably no, so why stress about something that doesn’t matter?
did you die
3. Take action. If the irritant doesn’t really impact you, tell yourself that you’re going to let it go. Repeating this to yourself will help you calm down. But maybe don’t say it out loud if you’re in public- that might freak people out. If there is an issue that does have a big impact on your life, speak up. While it’s important not to let the little things get to you, it’s equally important to ensure that you don’t have to endure the big things for a prolonged period.
let it go
At the beginning of 2016, I decided that if something that annoyed me did not have a profound impact in my life, I would just have to get over it. I won’t lie to you and say that I’ve always just ignored all the little things that get to me, but making a conscious effort not to get upset over trivial things has helped me stay calm and focused on what matters. So, next time something is bothering you, just channel Adina Daseem (that’s her name, right?) and let it go!
adele dazeem

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