13.1 and done.


Over spring break I traveled to San Diego with my parents to visit my older brother. The weekend we arrived we all ran the San Diego Half Marathon. After months of running in freezing temps, snowy conditions and waking up early before the sun rise, I can now say it was all worth it. Here’s a recap of my experience running the San Diego Half Marathon:


When I moved up to the starting line with my corral I was eager to start and excited to be part of the running community. One thing that distracted me from any nerves I had was a runner in front of me at the starting line who was wearing a full body cheetah suit. I obviously had to snap a photo, and the man next to me eagerly took a selfie with him.


The course started at Petco Park and went along the San Diego Bay, which had incredible views of the city’s skyline. The first five or six miles flew by thanks to these breathtaking views. We were warned about a hill around mile 9, but were told it would be all down hill after it to the finish line. I wasn’t too worried until we suddenly turned onto Washington Street and were welcomed by a hill that was at least ¾ of a mile long. It was so steep and long I had to turn to a runner next to me to express my disbelief. Now I know that I need to spend more time running up Capitol Hill back in DC to be more prepared. I honestly don’t know how I made it to the top, but once I did I was happy to see a water station, which pushed me through until the end.

After running for 13.1 miles there is no better feeling than crossing the finish line. Although the final mile (or two) was all a blur, I do vividly remember the people on the sidelines cheering everyone on during the last half mile. Their energy and spirit is what made me push through till the end.


Besides the shiny medal and the goodie bag of snacks, the best part of crossing the finish line was seeing my biggest fans: my brother and my parents. I am so proud of my brother for finishing his first half and my parents for finishing their 100th (? Can’t keep up with them) half. What can I say? We are a #fitfamily!

Stay tuned for my next running adventure…this time here in DC for the Cherry Blossom 10 miler!





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