Post-Spring Break Sadness

No feeling can be worse than coming back home to have the cold hit you right in the face after a week of wearing only your bikini. After a week of bad eating and heavy drinking, it is important to get back to your regular routine whether you like it or not. Get ready for all the “Where I would rather be” instas, and #tbt photos to last week filling your news feed. Despite our spring break grieving we are back in school, and its incredibly important to get both your mind and body back on track. Whether you went home or drank your way through a beach, here are a few tips to get back on your school grind!

1. Drink water, and water, and more water


After a week of sipping everything but water, its important to hydrate your body and get rid of all those toxins that are lingering in your liver. To have a more cleansing effect, add lemon to your water since it contains minerals that gets rid of waste and boosts bodily functions.

2. Eat well


Put down all processed foods and get some protein and veggies into your system. Eating correctly will help you feel light and able to work throughout the day without having any cravings.

3. Sleep well


Maybe you slept too much, or too little during your break, therefore try to get back to a regular sleep routine by going to bed at the same time every night. Getting a good night sleep will make you feel rested and energized for the day.

4. Exercise


As hard as it can be, get back on your regular exercising schedule. Not only will you feel better after, but it will help burn those excess calories gained from only eating junk food at all-inclusive hotels, or from eating your entire kitchen while binge-watching Netflix. Try a new class to feel motivated to go, or drag a friend along to force you to go. Endorphins will make you happy and feel better after an hour of exercise.


Hope you all had a wonderful spring break and made good decisions!



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