12 Signs You’re A Second-Semester Senior

The five of us here at NESS are GW seniors and today marks a crazy/scary day: exactly one month until commencement. enhanced-15760-1458328009-2.png

At this point senioritis is in full force. Not sure if you’re in that stage yet? Here are some clues that graduation is near…

  1. Underclassmen look like infants.giphyThe days you were excited for that unpaid internship on the hill or were worried about being carded at the bar are nothing but distant memories now. Whenever you see a campus tour, you’re in total shock that those toddlers are going to be freshman in college next year…

2 . You didn’t buy a single textbook this semester. 


You’ve cracked the code: there’s no point in spending $200 on a textbook you’re going to open once the entire semester. You simply borrow your friends- sharing is caring, right?

3. You keep finding reasons to skip class.


It’s above 60°? It’s too nice to sit inside. Nothing due in class today? No need to go. Your friend says they’ll send you the notes? Perfection, free afternoon! The list goes on and on.

4. And even if you do go to class, rarely do you ever pay attention. 200-1

Buzzfeed quizzes, Tasty videos, and figuring out where tonight’s happy hour is become much more important than taking notes.

5. It’s a Christmas miracle if you put effort into your outfits for school.


Leggings and sweatpants are all you need in this life of sin, putting on real clothes requires a lot of effort.

6. Cover letters quickly become more important than any papers you have to write.


That job application folder on your computer is getting THICK.

7. People ask you about your post-grad plans every two seconds.


Friends, family, teachers, humans you’ve never met…everyone wants to know what your big plan is after school. It’s the point where you have a two sentence answer lined up and can recite it whenever, even in your sleep.

8. If you have a job lined up, finding a place to live is now taking over your life.


Finding a place in a cool neighborhood, all amenities included, and within your price range? Impossible.

9. And if you don’t have a job yet, you’re sending out your resume to any/every job you’re qualified for. 


This GIF says it all…

10. You’re trying to cram in everything you haven’t done in the past four years into the last few months.


So many restaurants/bars to eat/drink at, so many shows to go to, museums to visits, so little time!

11. You spend as much time with your friends as humanly possible.


Especially those who are leaving the area after graduation. This is likely the last time that all your friends live minutes from your front door. Got to enjoy it while it lasts!

12. Despite all the craziness that the end of senior year brings, at this point, you’re all about enjoying your last moments of college.


You’re ready to kick the real worlds butt and you know it! You got this!






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