Class Review: SoulCycle

SoulCycle has revolutionized the fitness world ever since it opened in 2006, and its growth has not stopped. For those of you who don’t know about SoulCycle (have you been under a rock?) it is a cycling class that is much more than just moving your legs. It involves your whole body and is done in a low-lit room to the rhythm of music. Here is a list of cons and pros describing my experience at SoulCycle. By no means at all am I a Soul regular (I have only been to two classes) but I can definitely say that I am becoming more obsessed each day. Let’s start with the bad news first.


  • The Price:
    • We live in a world where health is everything, but it can be hard to keep up if you want to get help but can’t pay the price of a class. I have been to the studio in Washington DC and a class costs $30, without the shoes. Each class requires you to wear cycling shoes, therefore the total per class is approximately $33. Therefore going to these classes can come with a hefty price, but you can buy packages and get a discount per class.


  • The Changing Rooms (West End Studio): 
    • I am a people person but being in close quarters with people who are drenched in sweat is not pleasing to say the least. The locker room is too small, and can be uncomfortable, especially when waiting for class to start.



  • The class: 
    • I normally go to cycling classes, but this one was completely different. The classes are very challenging and and keep you moving from beginning to end. A portion of the class that was unique was when you use weights. Each bike has weights in the back so that you can exercise your arms. So the class is a full-body workout. Also instructors offer themed classes,that will definitely entertain you, whether you want a hip hop battle or ride it out to Justin Bieber.


  • The instructors:
    • Each instructor is required to go through extensive training before they can teach a class, therefore you know that they are Soul experts. They all have different styles and create playlists that set the tone of the class. Some yell a lot, and others are more quite, but what they all have in common is that they are inspirational. With everything that they say they push you to work harder and break any personal barriers you have.


  • The energy:
    • One of my favorite things about Soul is the energy you feel in the room. Everybody is in sync and riding to the rhythm of the music, nobody ever stops. Initially it took me some time to grab a grasp of the rhythm and learning how to tap it back and do all the positions without looking weird, however once I learned being in the class felt great. You vibe off the people around you, and everyone has the same purpose which is to become better and healthier.



SoulCycle is definitely an awesome and fun exercise that will not only get you in shape but also show you a good time. I will be going back for more!

Let us know what you think about SoulCycle!



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