Farewell from Ness!


bye 1

Dear Ness Readers,

Just like that, with the blink of an eye, the semester has come to an end! It feels like yesterday we were sitting down and drafting our biographies for the blog. Thank you to all of our loyal readers over the past few months who joined us on this journey. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to visit Ness and share your thoughts and ideas about our posts. We learned a lot throughout the semester on the best topics to write about and what our readers would enjoy the most. It wasn’t always easy to put out content, but we realized that if we were excited about what we were writing, our readers would be excited to read it! We hope our content inspired you to further explore the wellness and fitness worlds and overall live a great, adventurous life. Although this may be our final post for a while, we hope you can use some of our tips to explore new fitness trends and try new healthy recipes. We encourage you to comment below with feedback on what you liked most about our blog and what could be improved. Thank you again, and as always, #HaveANessDay


Caroline Connolly, Jen Fendt, Kelly McDonald, Alicia Palmieri, and Najla Solozano



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